The Future Of Work

As coworking continues to redefine the future of work, the workspace industry faces pressing issues around inclusion. How do we better diversify collaborative workspaces?

As Jeannine van der Linden from European Coworking Assembly explains:

“We cannot be satisfied with accepting what we already have and then adjusting that. To create the future we need to hear from and support the folks most affected, people who are curious, open, accessible, collaborative, and ambitious to create the new environment of work  if we want an environment that embraces all of us for the good of all of us.”

The event will feature a panel discussion between event chair Jeannine van der Linden and the following panellists:

Claire Carpenter - Coworking Accelerator Network / The Melting Pot (Edinburgh)

Ed Goodman - Cambridge Business Lounge/Freelancer Heroes

Eric Ace - Founder - The Studio - Camden

Polly Robbins - Co-Tech and Space4

Event attendees are invited to bring stories, questions, ideas, thoughts and insights around diversity and inclusion to share.