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EXPLORE: 20 minute Coworking Consultation

Not sure how we can best help you? Arrange a free introductory Coworking Consultation: Expert knowledge, advice and guidance from Claire Carpenter, global coworking pioneer. Strictly limited spaces.

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  • EXPLORE: Coworking Fundamentals

    This book EXPLORES the fundamental considerations to be made when opening or running a coworking business.

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  • EXPLORE: Coworking Canvas Work&Playbook

    Work&Playbook activities to help you EXPLORE coworking business development with your team.

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  • EXPLORE: Sense Check (up to 3 hours)

    Your plans reviewed with one-to-one mentoring

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  • EXPLORE: Scoping Support (up to 12 months)

    Bespoke plan support and team facilitation

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  • ACCELERATE - Coworking in a Box

    ACCELERATE towards the next step for your coworking business with our GUIDES, TEMPLATES and EXAMPLES.

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  • ACCELERATE Financial Planning Tool

    A spreadsheet tool for planning and managing the capacity of your coworking space, products, budgets and profitability.

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